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Certificate issued by Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia
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Why chose suntech?

Fast turnaround times for custom made, high-quality training and EASA certifications.

Our team with 28 years of experience in the aviation industry, will provide you with guidance and expertise within applicable EASA approvals.

We trained companies and engineers from practically all over the world.

Your Trustworthy partner in Aircraft Maintanance Consultancy and Training

With personnel, which gained high profile expertise in Part-145, Part-M  and Part-147, we offer consultancy and technical training supported by operational help in certification and start up processes.


Join our trainings for Aircraft Maintenance Licence (B1, B2) and Type courses.


Need help with starting a new aviation company (Part-145/M/147/66) or similar help?


Get instantly your certificate at 24/7 online trainings for Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety, EWIS...

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