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Discover how our aviation consulting firm, with over 30 years of expertise and a global professional network, can help you. We are experts in various aviation fields, especially those regulated by EASA.

If you are an organisation or individual who wants to work in the aviation field, within the constraints of EASA regulation you are in the right place.

If you are located in the European Union or anywhere else in the world, our aviation consultants can lead you step by step in the area of EASA regulations or approvals, management and operations.

We have vast experience in the following aviation consulting fields:


Meet the Suntech flexibility…

You can work with us, step by step from zero to final success or you can just get our help for more short term consulting services.

Our consultants can guide you to establish a brand new EASA approved:

  • Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation
  • Part-CAMO (M) Continuing Airworthiness Organisation
  • Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation


Over the last 19 years, we have established a number of Part 145, Part CAMO (M) and Part 147 organisations within and outside the European Union. 

Some of our staff became permanent aviation managers or permanent aviation consultants within these organisations.

We can help you answer questions like:

  • What are the steps to an approved organisation to get your Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval?
  • What are the mandatory management positions to be covered? What are their responsibilities?
  • What conditions must be established in terms of facilities, personnel, tools, and materials?
  • What are the latest changes in EASA requirements?

Some of our aviation consulting references

Establishment of:

  • 4x Part-145 Aircraft maintenance organizations
  • 12x Part-145 AMO Line stations in EU and worldwide
  • 3x Part-147 Aircraft maintenance training organisations

Numerous audits in:

  • Part-145 AMO (Flybe, Joramco, Adria Tehnika, Linetech, MTU Berlin/Hanover, …)
  • Carriers and Part-M CAMO organizations (Adria Airways, Air Astana, …)
  • Part-147 AMTO and other training organizations (Air Astana, Adria Tehnika, Linetech, Air Sky Academy, …)

Implementations of:

  • Part-145 AMO activities in various companies across the EU and beyond (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Linetech, Shanon Aerospace …)
  • EASA training in various EU countries (France, Austria, Italy, Slovenia) and outside the EU (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir (Turkey), Lahore (Pakistan), Malta, Zagreb, Belgrade
aviation consulting services part 145

Do you need your:

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Expositions (CAME),
  • Maintenance Organisation Expositions (MOE),
  • Maintenance Training Organisation Expositions (MTOE)

to be written and harmonised with the organisation or you have no time for that?

Also, Aviation Safety Management system (SMS) is coming up in Part 145 organisations, so you question yourself:

  • How to satisfy findings raised by your CAA
  • How to get in order your Quality or Safety Management System?
  • How to establish an SMS without an in-house expert?
If you simply experience momentarily lack of QA staff and you need help, we can hop in at any time.

Do you want to grow from line maintenance Part-145 organisation into a successful base maintenance provider?

We get you in line with all the safety and quality requirements. 

We show you how to organise your activities and the required management scheme, skills, resources, and training. 

We also train you, how to finish the risk assessment of planned activities.


Our professionals can temporarily become part of your management team or coach and train your personnel.

Are you an Aviation Academy which wants to train engineers for A, B, B2 and B3 categories, to get Aircraft Maintenance Licenses (AML)?

Do you want to do type rating courses in accordance with EASA Part 66 / 147 requirements and therefore you want to get EASA Part 147 approval?

This process is very complicated so it is advised you get professional aviation consulting help. We can help with:

  • All the procedures,
  • Course syllabuses,
  • Training books,
  • Question banks,
  • Practical log tasks and books,
  • Training Need Analyses (TNA),
  • Practical workshops,
  • Audits and more,…
aviation consulting services part 147

Do you need to be prepared before your CAA, EASA or IOSA auditors come around?

We can perform audits or pre-audits before you regulatory authority comes for audit. We recommend changes and bring possible solutions to get you in compliance with the regulation.

easa part 66 exams preparation

Are you a candidate to get your EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) and you don’t know the steps to get there?

We help you to properly fulfill your EASA Form 19 application and collect all the needed documents for your Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). We also tell you what are your CAA expectations.  

Read more on how to get EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License or apply for one of the PART 66 exams.

Do you have a specific issue within our aviation consulting fields?​

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